women who inspire us. by elle australia

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o artigo está, todo ele, muito interessante.

mas apeteceu-me salientar o testemunho de Priscilla, agora com 52 anos. 

porque às vezes começa-se do zero para se criar um pequeno império. e o importante, no meio do caminho, é acreditar. e fazer. 

e porque, também às vezes, as coisas não chegam exatamente na altura que escolhemos. mas vêm. e isso é bom. 

'I'd only just opened my own modelling agency, after the agent I was working for went bust and left me to fen for myself. I was living in a rented house in Sydney's inner west and operating my business from there - go-sees for my clients, like Kate Fischer, were organised from my kitchen table and I only had one phone line (this was before mobiles), so I was on it constantly. It was exhausting.

I woke up every morning feeling like I'd done a few rounds with Muhammad Ali, but I was determined to make my business work. I was quite tough on myself at the time because there were things I thought I should have done by 30 but hadn't, like get married, have kids and buy a house - forget about the fact I had a burgeoning business in an industry I had no idea I'd ever find success in. I believed a knight in shining armour was going to come along on a white horse and give me all that stuff but once I accepted that wasn't necessarily going to happen I was much happier for it'.  

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