le bootcamp diet: o que é e como é (a entrevista)



lembram-se de ter partilhado há uns dias uma receita de smoothie verde e de vos ter falado na chegada da LeBootCamp diet a Portugal? :)

eis o que precisam saber sobre a dieta, o livro e tudo tudo tudo sobre o tema. fica a... 

entrevista à coach Valérie Orsoni 

1. Why is LeBootCamp diet different from any other weight loss method? What sets it apart?

Zero deprivation for one! No food is banned from my approach! Usually when you hear diet you hear "deprivation" when all it means is "the way you nourish your body". I want people to change their perception and see food as a friend. Also, my approach is family friendly and you can lead a social life. Then, the 4 pillars. We are usually led to believe that by just reducing our food, or by depriving ourselves, or by over-exercising etc etc we will solve the problem. My approach combined 4 pillars to make sure every single source of weight issues has been addressed.

2. When and why have you decided that it was time to change your routine, turning it greener and also trying to be a more active person?

I consciously decided to go towards a greener life and be more active when I fell ill early 2001. It was like a Wake up call. And I started eating better, studying nutrition, fitness and physiology. It has change my life for the better! It will change yours, too :) 

3. The diet you propose is based on four phases: detox, attack, strength and maintenance. Would you like to explain in brief words what defines each of them? 

1. DETOX phase: to cleanse your body and lose your first pounds

The foundation of the program. A 2-week phase, where my top 10 detoxifying foods are incorporated into balanced menus designed to nourish your body with antioxidants, eliminate toxins, and give you more energy. We also start integrating physical activity under the guidance of LeBootCamp experts. What you achieve: The first pounds are shed quickly, energy is regained, skin is glowing. Key Concept: Detoxification.

2. ATTACK phase: to lose the stubborn pounds

Now that your body has been cleansed and the first few pounds are gone, you are ready to attack the stubborn weight that remains and reduce cellulite. This second phase lasts as long as it takes to lose 75 percent of the weight you need to shed. With my guidance, you will establish healthy life habits and learn how to balance your daily meals. Key Concept: Glycemic load and its impact on weight loss. Additionally, during this phase I will introduce you to the concept of benchmarking, a strategy that ensures you continue to lose weight as you go along. You’ll learn how to transform those dreaded “plateaus” into secure milestones, each one a personal victory.

3. BOOSTER phase: to speed up the process

This enhancing routine lasts 7 days and recurs several times throughout the program. You should repeat it every time you reach the end of a benchmark during the Attack phase or, once you are in the Maintenance phase, whenever you feel the need to renew yourself; for example, after a girls’ weekend, after a holiday where the food was plentiful and irresistible, after a period of intense stress at work, or if you are keen to achieve a flatter stomach. This short phase will also help you gain a flat stomach thanks to the latest studies and discoveries in gut health. We will explore how certain foods can increase the level of our candida, thereby leading to bloating and pain. Conversely, we will help you identify which foods can help reduce this problem, thereby helping you get the flat tummy of your dreams. Throughout these short intervals, we abstain from meat, dairy, yeast, gluten, and alcohol in order to truly support the detoxifying functions of our body. What you achieve: A cleansed body able to lose pounds more quickly, and a flat stomach.

4. MAINTENANCE phase: to never regain

You will learn how to create balanced menus for yourself as well as handle various life challenges: restaurants, parties, social engagements, traveling, and so on. Once you have shed your final pounds, your weight will naturally stabilize. Physical activity will become an integral part of your daily life as you tone those last few stubborn areas. By then you will know how to avoid nutritional pitfalls and the trap of fad diets. Your ideal weight is maintained and your energy levels are high. You love your body! Key Concept: Alkaline-balancing to support a healthy life and keep the pounds off.

4. You also have a website… what exackly can people find there? 

The website offers an online coaching program based on my book. It is currently available in French and in English. Members receive daily emails with their daily info and tips, they also receive weekly meal plans and recipes. They can ask as many questions as they need as support is unlimited. It is a great companion to the book as it takes the coaching to a whole new level.

5. What is the most visible result of the application of this new lifestyle in your daily life, apart from the weight loss? 

Energy for one. People Always tell me after two or three weeks that they feel so much more energetic than before! A glowing skin and toned muscles are also nice by-products of my program. Most importantly people are happily shocked that they still get to eat potaoes and chocolate while losing weight. This non deprivation approach leads to a long lasting diet that truly is the last diet they will ever need.

6. What have inspired you selecting the recipes that can be found in the book? 

I love good, healthy and yummy food so pretty much all of them are based on my taste buds wanting to be tanatalized! I am always creating recipes that are easy to make, affordable, and yummy. I also like to experiment so sometimes you will find an ingredient that is not so easy to find. I have found that by keeping ourselves on our toes and by exploring more foods, we stay more motivated.

7. Some recipes are portuguese. What kind of relationship have you got with our country? What do you love the most, is there something you don’t like? 

I came to Portugal when I was 16 and stayed with a Portuguese family in Northern Portugal (Monção).  I fell in love with your country then….and was really excited when offered to adapt mybook for the Portuguese women. When I visited it two weeks ago I was impressed by how safe I felt in Lisboa and how nice everybody was. Service is very good in restaurant and hotels, too. I want to come back and explore more of your beautiful country!

8. A favourite recipe.

Obviously your crazily yummy pastéis :) or any dish made with cod.....I am in love with cod and anchovies so Portugal is really my place in the world!

9. A life slogan. 

I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health!

10. Would you leave any kind of advice to people who don’t believe in change?  

Massive change is hard and usually fails but it is proven over and over that one small change a day can lead to amazing results. So choose 5 tips that you like and implement them. Discard the ones you don’t like. Make small progress. Share your success online and you will succeed. Trying is not enough you have got to set your mind to succeed.

valérie orsoni


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